6 Harmful Effects Of Fairness Creams On Face

Nowadays, every girl uses fairness cream. Many harmful effects of fairness creams that can be otherwise considered as the fairness creams side effects. Often people think that using fairness cream makes our color fair, but it is not so. It also frees your skin and brings many types of damage. If you use fairness cream for a long time you may also be at risk of getting cancer. Today, we are going to tell you about the side effects that are being made after the long-term use of fairness cream. Knowing who you know can save your skin from the losses caused by these effects.

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Itching is the most common effect that people often get after the use of fairness cream. It starts appearing immediately after the use of side effect creams. Whenever you use a fairness cream then your face starts getting itching. In this way, you wash your face with cold water or you can use ice too. This will stop itching on your skin and your skin will not cause any kind of damage.


Using long-term fairness cream can cause allergy to your skin. It can cause irritation on your skin and can also cause redness or itching on the skin. If you are already allergic to any substance or thing, then you must check the ingredients in the fairness cream and then make sure to do the ingredients. This will not make you allergic to any kind.

skin cancer

Using long-term fairness cream can make it a major cause of skin cancer. You should always use high-quality fairness cream because over-the-counter ingredients used in fairness cream become a risk of skin cancer. Do not use such cream, in the fairness cream that contains hydroquinone, mercury or steroid steroid-based skin whitening ingredient.

Rustic skin

If your skin is already dry, then using your fresheners cream may make your skin look raspier. This can be a very big risk for the roughen and visceral skin. Whenever you use a new cream, you should know about that cream very well.


The fairness cream you use is closed on your skin and it may also cause pimples on your skin. This is the biggest side effect of fairness cream. Not only this, if this pimple stays on your skin for a long time then you can get a scar on your skin. These marks never leave you with your skin and stay with you for a long time.


Using a fairness cream for a prolonged time, you can turn off your pores on your skin and it can also make your skin very sensitive. It also damages your skin due to light. This condition is known as photo-sensitive. It can cause your skin to become very dark due to blisters or sun on your skin. Whenever you take a new cream from the market, then we should know about that fairness cream well.

If your skin color is not fair enough, then you should not use any kind of fairness cream. Well, you can naturally make your skin fair. Doing so will not cause any damage to your skin and your color will also be clean.

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