Importance Of Education In Student Life

Importance Of Education In Student Life. Education is the lifelong right of every child. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, knowledge means to get facts, information, and skills through education or experience. Knowledge can only be achieved through education. Nowadays living without education has become very difficult. In the olden times, most people used to live in villages where their main occupation was to cultivate. Higher education is not required in agriculture.

Importance Of Education

Importance Of Education

Education is very important in Students life. In addition to the ability to run a business through professional skills, education also simplifies the path of living. Education has much significance.

  • From the education to the civilization of society, democracy was propagated, which is the cause of the development of the whole country.
  • To create peace in the world through education
  • Education at the individual level helps in the integration of maturation and personalization. Education helps to make the whole life of humans amazing.

In fact, it has been said that education can fulfill all the needs of life. It gives a stir in human life.

Importance Of Education

Different types of education 

There are many types of education. Apart from the school and university education, there are many types of education –


Importance Of Education

Adult Literacy – 

Education helps in eliminating all kinds of evils, similarly, illiteracy is a curse for society. To overcome this, trying to get rid of illiteracy like evil is being done by educating adults through government centers.

Education System in India Importance of Education

Women’s Education –

Women were not given education until the end of the 20th century. In the 21st Century, special campaigns and schemes are being organized to educate women. The facilities of the overall development of the society are being provided to bring these schemes forward. It is right to say that an educated woman can take full care of the family and respect her elderly person.


Education System in India Importance of Education

Education in India

Since ancient times, India has been sensitizing the importance of education for the full development of society. In the Vedic era, education has been practiced in Gurukul from generation to generation. In the Vedic period, students were given vocational training to make a complete person besides knowledge of Mantra. In this way, the Kshatriyas learned the art of war and the Brahmins learned the art of giving knowledge. Vaishya goes ahead by learning the caste commerce and other specialized business courses. However, the Shudra caste was deprived of education, which was considered the lowest caste in society.

Education System in India Importance of Education

In order to fulfill this scarcity, the Government of India launched a reservation scheme under which free education is provided to lower castes and even low rates of lower castes are found in colleges. Along with this, good government jobs are provided to the lower caste with the help of reservation.

At present, the government has provided equal opportunities for education to all castes. Under this, the government has provided free and compulsory education to all children of the age group of 6 to 14 years. Its main purpose is that the children of economically weaker sections must be educated.

Education System in India Importance of Education

The Government of India also gives mid-day meals delicious food to the children in government schools. This program is run by the Ministry of Finance, Education Guarantee Scheme and alternative innovative education centers, seminary, and schools or students studying in elementary schools, by the Free Food Labor Ministry. This scheme of Government of India has helped in increasing enrollment, attendance, and retention of financially backward classes in government schools.

Education System in India Importance of Education

The government also announced financial assistance and free education for the education of girls. Under this scheme, all girls of the single family have been encouraged to provide free education at the higher level in the school.

However, presently many states of India have Illiteracy. This is a challenge for our country. It can only be done with the help of education. Unless the country is educated, we will not be fully developed. We must understand the importance of education and should wear it.


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